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Leann Harris

Cowboy Brides

Cowboy Brides

It’s out. The Cowboy Bride Collection is out and with a stunning cover. All the sibling’s stories are told in this book. Set on the eastern plains of Colorado. Missy, Brandi Jo, Rait, Noah, Wyatt, and Kylee all go their own way, but don’t drift far from their home town of Silverdale. Join us for these exciting and fun stories of the Danner family.

Going Home

Going Home

Melissa Danner went to the big city of Denver to pursue a career as a CPA, but all she found there was disappointment. When her family needed her back home after the death of their mother, Missy went home, not knowing what to expect. When she ran into her brother's best friend, Nathan Winters the sparks they generated off each other nearly burned her world down. Could she find her dreams of happiness in the place where she began? With a man she'd known most of her life? If Nate has anything to say about it, she would.

A Star-Spangled Homecoming

Summer Fireworks

When Star Taylor returns home to Alpine, Texas to finish her degree at McDonald Observatory, the last thing she expects is to run into her high school boyfriend, Bart Hays. The man is a widower with a five-year-old son. Will romance win this time? Or will the circumstances of today drown out their growing love? The story was born out of an experience I had with my roommate in college. When we went to visit her home, we went through Alpine and she showed me the observatory. This became the setting for the story.

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The Cowboy Meets His Match

Rodeo Heroes, #3

Sawyer Jensen is ready to grab life—and his new job—by the horns. The tall, hazel-eyed cowboy has been brought in to revive Quay/Harding Bi-County faltering rodeo, but his biggest challenge may be taking on Erin Delong. The beautiful rodeo rider was in the running for Sawyer’s job, and she’s not walking away without a fight. Sawyer is no stranger to conflict, but the feelings Erin is stirring in him are brand-new. Her independence spirit both intrigues and scares him. As it turns out, Sawyer’s biggest project will be repairing his own wounded heart—and Erin may be just the perfect person for the job.

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A Rancher for Their Mom

Rodeo Heroes, #2

Cowboy Joel Kaye has ambitions as big as Texas. And after decades away, rodeo glory seems finally within reach. But when two little boys “hire” him to work on their ranch, Joel can’t turn them down. He tells himself it’s only for one week, but widow April Landers and her family soon begin to fill a void in the rodeo rider’s scarred heart. April lives for her three kids—and the ranch she’s fighting fiercely to keep. This determined mama’s not looking for another wandering partner. Will this ready-made family inspire Joel to put down roots…for good?.

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A Ranch to Call Home

Rodeo Heroes, #1

The thrill of the rodeo is gone for cowboy Caleb Jensen. Nowadays, he helps out at the Texas ranch, keeping bad memories locked away. Then the owner’s granddaughter unexpectedly returns home—with a request he can’t accept. Former army captain Brenda Kaye is organizing a charity rodeo, and she needs Caleb to get back into the saddle. She's determined to save her family’s ranch, even if it means working with the smart-aleck cowboy—and uncovering the mysteries that lie in their pasts. Brenda’s used to the dangers of war, but if she trusts Caleb, could the next casualty be her heart?

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Stolen Secrets

Legacy of Lies, #3

Fat Tuesday 1972, a floater surfaces in Sheriff Colin McDonald parish, south of New Orleans. The body is identified as a Russian diplomat which alarms both local and Federal officials. Sheriff Colin McDonald joins a task force of local and Federal officials assigned to solve the case. Lt. Gabriel Fontenot of the Louisiana State police is also on the task force. Colin and Gabe are old friends. As they investigate this death, they uncover a startling truth what happened during the 1948 Berlin Airlift and the shame a mother and daughter share over their actions in dealing with the Russians at the height of the Cold War.

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The Last Truth

Legacy of Lies, #2

In WWII Linette Van Linder’s life is torn apart when her family is picked up by the Waffen SS for hiding Jews. Linette escapes Amsterdam with the help of an American journalist, Michael St. John. Unable to turn his back on the beautiful Dutch girl, he takes her to the American Mission to help her obtain an exit visa. The only visas available are for American dependents. Michael proposes marriage, and they leave on mail airplane.

In London, Linette joins Churchill’s Special Operation Executive, helping to set up spy ring in her homeland. After Pearl Harbor, Michael joins the American Army. In spite of Linette and Michael joining different armies, they struggle to keep their marriage together. As the war rages on, both Michael and Linette struggle to come to grips with what they’ve seen, understand who they’ve become and win the fight over the Nazi Germany.

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The Last Lie

Legacy of Lies, #1

When Catherine Lyons comes home from college she discovers her family has disappeared, vanished, leaving her alone. Fifteen years later when Catherine is on vacation in France, she sees her father getting on a bus, but he's had a stroke. When she tries to talk to him the nurse taking care of him won't allow it. Cat shows up at the clinic the next day, but the people there claim to know nothing of the man. This time Cat isn't going to give up. Cat learns the name of the nurse she talked to and goes to her apartment and finds her dead.

Colin Montrose is with MI-6 and doesn't know who this woman is who has stumbled into his operation, but he wants to know. He follows Cat and asks if she murdered the woman. Before she can answer, they hear police sirens and flee. Together, Cat and Colin chase after Cat's father, trying to discover the truth behind her life and her parent's lives.

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Fresh Start Ranch

McClure Series, #3

After seeing Dr. Tessa Grant calm his storm-spooked horse, Ethan McClure is impressed. But does the new vet have what it takes to prove her mettle with Ethan's local horse-rescue group? Ethan can't deny Tessa's healing touch with animals...or her powerful effect on this rancher. But Tessa is busy trying to get her footing after leaving Kentucky to start over in this mountain town. When she learns a family secret that turns her world upside down, Tessa's ready to push everyone away. Unless Ethan can help her embrace forgiveness--and forge a path to her heart along the way.

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Redemption Ranch

McClure Series, #2

A foster kid and army soldier, Tyler Lunch doesn't trust easily. In fact, the shy mutt who never leaves his side is his sole confidant. Tyler knows what it's like to be a child in need, so he goes to work at an equine therapy ranch. He's instantly surprised by the way lovely volunteer Beth McClure seems to understand scared children--and stubborn cowboys. Beth's tenderness even wins his dog's trust. But when Tyler faces his greatest fear, it'll take Beth's love--and one brave boy--to open the most guarded of hearts.

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Second Chance Ranch

McClure Series, #1

Former soldier and rodeo rider Zachary McClure's war injuries are far deeper than physical. Skeptical that anyone can reach the dark place in his soul, he visits an Albuquerque equine therapy ranch with no expectations. How can horses possibly mend his physical and emotional injuries when nothing (and no one) else has? He finds the answer when he meets Sophie Powell, an ex-army medic with a sunny smile, gentle touch and a determination to help others through horse therapy. But behind her big hopes and cheerful attitude lurks pain-and Zachary is just the man to change that. He can make Sophie's dreams a reality...and she may be the woman to heal this wounded hero's heart.

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Guarded Secrets


At the time, Lilly Burkstrom brushed aside her ex-husband's words. Then he dies "accidentally" in a convenience store robbery, and she starts to wonder. Turning to the police doesn't help. They don't see the danger closing in on her, not even when someone breaks into her house and her ex-husband's apartment. Only Detective Jonathan Littledeer understands her fears, having lost his own family. He's determined to keep the single mom safe. He's not going to let another "accident" claim Lilly or her daughter before he can bring the killer's guarded secrets to light.

Hidden Deception

Her father had murdered her mother. Afterward Elena Segura Jackson had been adopted by a loving Santa Fe family. For years she'd tried to focus only the present and future-not the past. But another murder in her family's antique shop brings the memories and horror rushing back. Detective Daniel Stillwater, widowed father of a little girl, is assigned the case and finds his heart involved with Elena. In Daniel's presence, Elena dares to feel safe, yet the killer keeps coming back, wreaking havoc in the shop, looking for ...something. And only Daniel can keep her safe.

"Hidden Deception has an excellent pacing, a great story and a warm love story."

four and 1/2 starsRobin Taylor, Romantic Times, 8/08

The Detective and the D.A.

Tony "Ash" Ashcroft's bacon is cooked when he is assigned to work with his ex-wife, Assistant District Attorney Kelly Whalen. Neither Kelly nor Ash want to work together, but Kelly is desperate. A killer she sent to prison five years ago has been released due to his overturned conviction. Kelly needs to find new evidence to put him away. The situation becomes even crazier when the killer is murdered. Kelly and Ash don't want to let loose of this case. There are too many unanswered questions. As they work together, they rediscover the chemistry that brought them together years ago. But could they put their past behind them, and could they catch a killer?

Shotgun Bride

Renee Girouard was a woman in need of protection...and Matthew "Hawk" Hawkins was the only man who could keep her safe from the hired killer pursing her. The rugged lawman promised to guard Renee with his life. Trouble was, his best hope to protect his former flame was to marry her...

Commitment-wary Hawk had vowed never to let any woman break down the protective walls around his heart. Yet sharing close quarters with Renee had him remembering how natural it had felt to hold her in his arms, how much she'd touched his soul. And now with her expecting his child, his heart was tied in a knot. Hawk wondered who posed the most danger to him-the killer or his lovely wife...?

Suddenly a Family

Zachary Knight's life is suddenly sent into a tail spin when he discovers he's the father of four-year-old twins girls, which his ex-wife didn't bother to tell him about. With her death, Zach has to deal with the girls and their needs.

Being an ex-special forces commander, he's at a loss on how to cope with the children. He asks Antonia Anderson for help with the girls. As Zach and Toni work together, the attraction they feel for each other complicates their marriage of convenience. Zach has to learn to trust again, and Toni becomes his teacher.

Trusting a Texan

When Texas Ranger, Rafael Sanchez, discovers a wounded female on his land after a flash flood, his life is turned upside down. The woman doesn't know why she's there, where she came from, or what her name is. But she does know that Rafe is the person to protect her. Rafe's sister gives her the name, April.

Together Rafe and April go about trying to discover her real identity, and the reason she has forgotten who she is. But someone is trying to silence April before she can remember.

Temporary Marriage

When the handsome CIA officer, Elijah Kendrick, shows up one morning on Abigail McGee's porch, telling her he needs her help to recover a downed plane in the Amazon, she doesn't believe him. After he proves his story, she reluctantly agrees to go with him and introduces him to the tribe her parents worked with so they can help in the search.

Elijah is stunned when he meets Abigail. Their trip is only to be business, to recover CIA papers about a mole in the tops echelon of the Company. Unfortunately, Elijah's attraction to Abigail keeps getting in the way as they travel through the jungle. A forced marriage, killers chasing them, the mole putting out false stories, and Elijah's missing boss, complicates their trek to find the truth. And in the midst of this chaos, they find love.

Undercover Husband

Lauren Michaels had been a widow for three years when a man appeared at her London flat, calling himself Greg, yet claiming to be her dead husband. He asked her to believe his ramblings about danger, spy rings, and undercover missions ... and his undying love for her!

Somehow, Greg knew intimate details of Lauren's life, and her instant attraction to him had the feel of long familiarity. Then, suddenly, she found herself in grave danger. Was this mysterious stranger her lost lover, or her worst enemy? Too late, Lauren realized she had fallen in love with Greg. And whoever he was, the truth would break her heart...if it didn't kill her first.

Trouble in Texas

The beautiful blonde with the mysteriously broken-down '66 Mustang was exactly what Sheriff Derek Grey's small West Texas town, and his young daughter needed--an honest-to-goodness doctor. She was also everything he wanted...

Dr. Alexandra Courtland had spent too may years running away from her rural roots to be trapped in some small town. But she hadn't counted on the deadly epidemic that threatened the population, or the sheriff's sad young daughter, who captured her heart and brought out instincts that were purely maternal. And she'd certainly had no intention of falling for a certain tall, lanky Texas lawman. It seemed, however, that rules were made to be broken.

Angel at Risk

Concern about her aunt's disappearance let Angeline Fitzgerald to the family home she'd always longed to visit. But in the tiny Louisiana town, the sultry summer air pulsed with an undercurrent of evil...

There, amidst old sins and long-buried secrets, Angie unwittingly uncovered the secret of her birth. In a second shocking revelation, she learned that the mother she'd never know had been murdered.

Her only ally was Jean-Paul Delahaye, the hot-blooded Cajun who called her "Angel." His dark, sensuous looks started a fire in her soul. But could he save her, body and soul from a cold-blooded killer--when the entire town had united in the conspiracy against her?

Bride on the Run

Detective Lucas McGill never walked away from trouble--except when trouble came in the form of a certain pint-sized lady lawyer. Personally, Luke didn't like J.D. Anderson. Unfortunately, his body did. And somehow he'd managed to entangle himself in her latest case.

J.D. couldn't figure out why her sworn enemy had suddenly agreed to help her track a killer to Las Vegas. Reluctantly posing as an engaged couple, J.D. and Luke murmured endearments through gritted teeth...until the charade took a perilous turn when the wrong people grew suspicious. With their cover about to be blown, J.D. and Luke faced deadly consequences ... unless they went to the chapel of love and got married - for real.

Hunter's Heart

In a battle to save their universe, their secret weapon was love... Beautiful telepath Talia has seen her planet destroyed by the Dyne Union in the terrible cosmic war raging in the skies above her. And the man called Laden has come to claim her. A muscular, devil may-care bounty hunter with a mysterious past. Laden's job was to find Talia and bring her special talents back to his side in the war, the Kanta Alliance ... not love her. She was gentle; he knew only violence. She was innocent; he had tasted sin. But chased by assassins through the universe of lawless planets, steamy jungles, sex slave traders, and deadly combat, both must change--and bond together to survive. Soon every touch brings its own peril. A shocking sensuality electrifies their senses and explodes in a cataclysm of desire. As dangers close in, passion may blind them. Now they face a tomorrow of terrible choices where one of them must fight or die for what they value most--the private universe of their love.