Temporary Marriage

Synopsis of : Temporary Marriage

When the handsome CIA officer, Elijah Kendrick, shows up one morning on Abigail McGee’s porch, telling her he needs her help to recover a downed plane in the Amazon, she doesn’t believe him. After he proves his story, she reluctantly agrees to go with him and introduces him to the tribe her parents worked with so they can help in the search.

Elijah is stunned when he meets Abigail. Their trip is only to be business, to recover CIA papers about a mole in the tops echelon of the Company. Unfortunately, Elijah’s attraction to Abigail keeps getting in the way as they travel through the jungle. A forced marriage, killers chasing them, the mole putting out false stories, and Elijah’s missing boss, complicates their trek to find the truth. And in the midst of this chaos, they find love.


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