A Star-Spangled Homecoming

Leann Harris

From the novella collection: Summer Fireworks.

Preview Chapter One

Late January

Alpine, Texas

“Dad? Dad are you home?” Star Taylor opened the front door of the family ranch house. His truck, parked in the driveway, gave her hope he was here and not out on the range. The county agent’s vehicle beside her dad’s truck also indicated he might be here.

The house remained still.


She looked in his office. No sign of him. The house echoed with her footsteps. Her Aunt Miriam’s car wasn’t in the driveway, so she wasn’t home.

Taking a deep breath, Star shoved aside her disappointment. That’s what happened when you didn’t tell your family you were coming home, hoping to surprise them. The surprise was on her.

Maybe her dad was in the barn. She charged out the backdoor and ran into a hard chest. Hands grasped her, keeping her from stumbling. Whoa. Definitely not Dad’s chest. Looking up, her gaze clashed with Bart Hays, her high school sweetheart.

“What are you doing here?” She winced at the words that tumbled out of her mouth.

“No, the real question is what are you doing here?” he shot back.