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Leann Harris
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I am pleased to be able to write this bio. Why? Because I have discovered how precious life really is. Last year, on a Saturday afternoon, my left arm went dead. It just dropped to my side and I couldn’t move it. I told my husband we had to go to the emergency room. The doctors thought I suffered a stroke. Good news, I didn’t. Bad news, I had a brain tumor. On our 42nd anniversary, I had surgery to remove the brain tumor. We thought we were free, but that tumor was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The last half of 2013 was spent going through chemotherapy. But I am well, and blessed. God gave me a promise Psalm 118:17- I will not die but live and proclaim what The Lord has done. I held onto that verse and the cancer never touched my soul.

Of course this brain stuff is round 2 for me. I suffered an aneurysm almost twenty years ago. A vessel in my brain burst, and I bled into my brain. I seem to have a thing about my head. I’m not sick often, but I do it in a big way when I do.

Both times have been times of testing for my family. I’ve felt God’s presence with me each time. I remember nothing of the aneurysm. My family can’t forget, but for me it is as if it happened to someone else. When I was praying one day, asking God about that, He brought to mind the time in Exodus when Moses wanted to see God’s glory. God didn’t allow that, but put Moses in the cleft of the rock and covered him with His hand as He passed by. I knew then that’s where my consciousness had been. It was in the cleft of the rock with His hand covering me. I was spared all the pain and trauma.

I’ve written most of my adult life and love to tell stories. I’ve published 25+ books in a full range of genres–romantic suspense, inspirational suspense, inspirational romance, a futuristic, and I just released a new heart pounding suspense.

I’m also a teacher. I taught deaf high school students math and science and teach writing at the local college as a continuing ed class. I am also an avid gardener.