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Thanks for visiting my new website. My goal is to post a thought provoking topic on Monday and have you wonderful readers add your thoughts, creating  a conversation around books, writing, and story.

I want to start with Captain Brenda Kaye, in the book A Ranch to Call Home. I was writing another story about an ex-solider who lost one of his legs while in the army. When he came home to family’s ranch in New Mexico he rode as therapy to strengthen his muscles and help  his confidence. Brenda was there. Horse therapy is often used for the solider’s therapy. Each day when I started writing, the first character who’d popped into my head was Brenda. Well, after a week of her slowing me down, I promised I’d do her story. She let me finish Caleb Jensen’s book.(A Ranch to Call Home.) I heard other writers talk about their characters talking to them. I wondered about their mental health until it started to happen to me.


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