During the Crisis

You would think that during’ this stay at home crisis’ I’d be good at posting. You’d think…but you’d be wrong.  I did have a book due. I sat my self in my computer chair and wrote. Since I’ve been writing a long time and been published since 1993. I’ve learned the secret of professional writers is writing. It doesn’t matter if you feel inspired or not, write. Your paycheck depends on it.

What was different about this time I wrote the story ‘seat of the pants‘. I knew the  hero/heroine and opening scene, but that was it.

Nothing else. Each day was an adventure. I am a plotter. I want a synopsis in front of me but this time it just tumble out. I don’t think I’ll do another one this way, but it will interesting what the readers think. Zeta Newland  (an Army Captain & nurse) is the heroine.She agrees to chaperone her niece’s prom. Gabe Worth is hero. He’s the other chaperone. There’s a tornado, a vintage thunderbird, and a mean goat in the mix. The book, For the Love of a Cowboy Sheriff, should be out in early June.

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